Business Packages Service

We have many packages for your business.

Package S (size)

"Small project, easy to understand, short time to create, finish the project within 1 month"


Suitable for 

  • Need a simple product, not complicated system.

  • Use basic images and elements.

  • Used for initial communication with users.

  • Created with a small team

  • don't need many modification.

  • No online system

Start with 16,000 $


Package S(size) 

โปรเจคขนาดเล็ก เข้าใจง่าย จบงานไว เวลารวดเร็วภายใน 1 เดือน

Package B

Package C

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Package M (size)

"Medium-sized project, finish the project within 3-5 months "


Suitable for 

  • Require 2-3 responses (features) in a single system

  • There are the main characters and more detail elements

  • Apply to communicate 2-3 steps with the user

  • Created with a medium sized team

  • May be simple online connection such as Join Room

Package L (size)

"Large project,  finish the project within 6-12 months"


Suitable for

  • Need 4-7 responses (features) in a single system such as choosing a mode, change the costume or skills.

  • There are around 4-5 characters with various and highly detailed elements.

  • Applied to communicate 4-5 steps with users.

  • Created with a large team

  • May be more complicated online connections. Such as logging in, collecting points


Artist / Developer


"Helping your project with Artist team or Developer team "


Suitable for

  • Have picture or program but lacking any parts to fill the project to finish

  • Want to save the cost of hiring long-term permanent staff

  • The style of the staff doesn't match the project